Saturday, June 28, 2008

Volunteers everywhere!

This has been the first time I've gardened for two consecutive years in the same place. After spending time carefully planning this year's garden, imagine my surprise to discover several "volunteer" plants from last year that were springing up all over the place - never mind my carefully constructed garden plan!

I think the volunteers are terrific and don't have the heart to kill them. The garden is playing an active role in designing itself this year! These pictures were taken around the 3rd week of June.

The garden

Although I try to maximize garden space, even I

wouldn't intentionally plant lettuce between bricks.

The bed on the right has the potatoes I actually

planted this year. What you see in the center bed

is all volunteers (I guess I was too lazy to dig up the

potatoes last year!)

This was meant to be an herb garden, but it

looks like it's going to be a volunteer tomato patch.

Volunteer tomatoes

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