Thursday, February 26, 2009

Seed Starting Extravaganza!

Today is a special day, because the seedlings have started to emerge! I'm so grateful for the Heirloom Gardens members, who have already stepped in to help create our wonderful urban farm.

On Sunday Heirloom Gardens had its second seed starting meetup event. We had a great team of 5 people, and were able to start over 2,000 seeds!

Getting the seed trays ready for filling.

The whole crew - Sundari, Tom, Lee, Paula and Anne.

Tom filling the trays with our custom seed starting mixture (actually, it's the recipe from Square Foot Gardening).

Paula fills a tray while Tom does some watering.

Anne is holding down the fort in the greenhouse.

Our organizational chart set up on top of the recycling bin. The calculator came in handy --- 216 seeds need to be planted, we can do 72 seeds to a tray....

Sundari filling a tray while Lee works with the seeds.

Our photographer (my husband, Brian) peering through the greenhouse window at Anne, Tom and Lee as they work.

Sundari modeling the farm-chic wardrobe, complete with knee patches!

Some of the afternoon's work.

Happy times.

Lee takes a minute to play catch with Lucy.

Our HG members left with lots of energy, but Lucy was pooped!


Katherine Caouette said...

this sounds like it was wonderful! I hope that I can come and learn with you all soon...anything coming up this Saturday? I'm part of the meetup group but have a crazy schedule where weekdays are open for me, so anyone who is available and doing things during the week and needs some hands I am here.

Sundari Elizabeth said...

Hi Katherine,

I'm so glad you want to come and participate! We don't have anything planned for this Saturday, but I'll schedule one more seed starting meetup soon - it'll take place in early March. You can stay updated by checking out the HG calendar.