Wednesday, May 6, 2009


On Sunday we brought home our two new "kids" - Dasha and Peaberry. They are both female Nigerian Dwarf goats. Dasha (the brown goat) is 7 months old, and Peaberry (the blonde goat) is 2 months old.

The goats have settled very nicely in their new home, and enjoy spending time with Lucy, the cats, and the chickens (in addition to their new Mom and Dad). We're still putting the finishing touches on the barnyard, like adding hooks to the fenceposts for the feed buckets.

You can click the link below to view our slideshow of our little goats. It will take a minute to load!


Crowley Manor Organic Soaps & Body Essentials said...

Thank you for sharing...they look very happy in their new home. I very much enjoyed all the great pics, keep them coming to this goat crazy mom :). Best, Pat

Matt & Val said...
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