Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Photos from Open House & Seedling Sale

Our event on Saturday was a wonderful success! I didn't count heads, but there were at least 200 people that came by to visit the chickens and goats, learn about how they can support a new Food-Producing Animals ordinance, and/or purchase seedlings. Thanks to our wonderful helpers -- Eric, Betsy, Jessica, Katherine, Alyssa, Brian, and my mom -- everything went smoothly.

Thank you to Patty, Donna, Sunny, and Mom for the pictures.

Tomato seedlings getting ready for sale.

The babies getting in some playtime before the open house.

Community coming together!

Conner and Cinnamon.

Conner and some friends saying hello to Cardamom.

Dasha is getting a little love.

Peaberry surveying the scene.

Cash was really into the chickens.

Gently petting the chickens!

Cash and a friend with Cinnamon.

Starlight positioning herself for some petting.

Rolo resting on a lap.

Erin and Starlight. (She's allowed to pick up the babies -- she's a Vet!)

Dasha and Peaberry waiting for treats.

Hmm... what will happen if I try to touch this chicken?

She's going to flap her wings!!

Feeding the goats a treat...

...and now time for a snuggle.

Rolo and Starlight saying hello to each other.

Peaberry is loving all of the attention.


Dia's Days said...

Do you have any left over tomato plants? If so, what varieties? Are you in NW Denver? Thanks!

Sundari said...

@Claudia -- Thanks for your interest. All of our remaining seedlings are earmarked for our gardens, but you can contact Ingrid at or Katherine at . They're both having organic heirloom seedling sales this weekend!