Sunday, October 10, 2010

Graduation Day for the Baby Goats

Today was an exciting day for our little urban farm. Our 8-week-old baby goats, Willow and Kosi, got to go to their new home. They will be raised by a wonderful couple named Jamie and Lance. The best part (and least for Brian and me) is that Jamie and Lance live in NW Denver, just a few minutes from us. We've already made plans to take all of the goats on a hike together soon!

It was so gratifying to help settle the babies into their new home. Jamie and Lance have a great barnyard in their backyard, with a nice flock of young chickens running around and lots of room for the goats to jump and play. I love knowing that there are others in my city that are refusing to buy into the notion that they must be dependent on others for all of their food, and that certain things don't "belong" in an urban setting. Jamie and Lance have created a situation where they will be able to raise milk, eggs, and vegetables for themselves and their child right in their backyard. I wish them the best of luck on their journey!

Kosi with Jamie. She seems to be settling in nicely, doesn't she?

Willow and Lance. Willow was a bit more squirmy... anxious to jump around and explore her new home!

The whole family in the barnyard.

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