Wednesday, February 2, 2011

RiNo Supports New Food-Producing Animals Draft Ordinance!

The River North Art District (RiNo) has officially informed our City Council that they support the draft outline of a new Food-Producing Animals (FPA) ordinance. We are thrilled that they have thrown their support behind this measure, and appreciate that they took the time to make their feelings known to City Council. See letter below.

Do you belong to a community group -- a neighborhood organization, mother's group, etc -- that supports a comprehensive FPA ordinance? Do you belong to a group that might support it, but needs more information? If so, please contact Sundari at

Dear City Council Members,

Please accept this letter on behalf of Sustainable Food Denver. The River North Art District and its membership are in complete support of the draft outline attached for a new Food-Producing Animals (FPA) ordinance for Denver.

Several of our members live and work in the district and have voiced that these new additions to the current ordinance would be extremely helpful in raising their own food. Some of our members are currently keeping chickens in compliance with the current permit based ordinance. They have raised concerns on the costs involved in keeping their animals as well as the bureaucratic process involved. With the current ordinance its cost prohibitive to keep these animals; this is hard on the low income members of our community. With these new changes it will be much easier for families and individuals in the River North Art District to raise their own food.

Having the ability for families to raise these animals for an added food source is very important to us. The district also houses several gardens in the area that generate produce. We would like to make the process easier and less expensive to raise food producing animals.

There will be economic benefits created from raising chickens and goats as well as health and food safety benefits for our residents and visitors. We encourage you to support these changes.
Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions at ______.

Tracy Weil
Co-Founder & President of the River North Art District
Registered Neighborhood Organization

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