Sunday, August 3, 2008

Movin' On Up!

Recent picture of the garden, with newly trellissed squash plants.

My hope is that this will prevent the plants from growing all over the patio (where they're likely to get trampled) and also make it easier to harvest hidden squash. They say you can trellis any plant with fruit smaller than a volleyball... we'll see!
A spaghetti squash plant.

This one was a volunteer and hasn't revealed itself yet --- we'll see what it turns out to be!

Beans win the award for super-duper self-trellissing. They easily climb up string, over tomato cages, etc.

And just some pretty cherry tomatoes. Don't they look beautiful all lined up in a neat row like that?

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Katie said...

my best freind claire has a little garden and she has grapes cerry tamatos and a little bit of bellpepers.ilove gardens so mach they are verry pritty. loveDenae