Thursday, August 14, 2008

Taking Their Sweet Time

The tomatoes are finally starting to come in. I like to let the garden move at its own pace, but it's been hard to watch green tomatoes sit there, then sit there.... and sit there some more. I posed the question "Why are tomatoes so slow this year?" on my online organic gardening forum, and there's about 40 responses so far. Mostly from people saying "Me too! I thought it was just my garden!" No one is quite sure why --- a colder than average spring is generally blamed as the culprit. At any rate, part of the fun of growing food is how little control we have over it. Sometimes you just get what you get!

The Siberian tomatoes have been turning colors earlier than anything else.

The Sweet 100s are making a rainbow.

Fried green tomatoes, anyone?

Last year the Country Peach plants produced a serious quantity of tomatoes. This is a volunteer from last year, and the fruits are just starting to turn yellow. There's an almost-ripe Giant Valentine in the background.

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