Monday, June 15, 2009

Stormy Weather

Sunday marked Colorado's 8th straight day of "severe weather." We've experienced thunderstorms, downpours that flooded the streets, funnel clouds --- and hail. The hail had been heaviest on the eastern plains, with only little bits coming through northwest Denver. Until Sunday, when a pocket of particularly strong hail nailed us.

Here's a picture of the Perry street garden on May 29th. Note the lovely bed of turnips in the bottom right corner:

And here's what it looks like today:

This is a time when having a multi-plot farm (as opposed to just one big plot) really saved the day. The Perry garden was the only one affected by the hail. We have another garden on Newton street, just 5 blocks away from the Perry location. The Newton garden is in great shape --- just a little rain.

Our former beds of turnips, squash, cilantro and beets.

We had just thinned out this turnip bed, to give the already-big-and-beautiful turnips a little more room to grow.

Beets, about 2 weeks away from harvest.

The process of growing food has really been a lesson in hard work and detachment. Then more hard work, then detaching again.

What are you gonna do? Weather happens.

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