Tuesday, November 3, 2009

6... Out of 14,314

There is an article in the Fort Collins Coloradoan about their recently passed chicken ordinance, which allows residents to keep up to six hens. When the ordinance passed there was a lot of contentious discussion about the potential problems of having these animals in the city.

Well, it's been a year, and the numbers are in. Over the last year the Fort Collins Animal Control has received a total of 14,314 calls. Want to guess how many of those calls were about chickens?

Six. Yup, six. Four of the six calls were for "accidental" roosters. It's very common to order baby hen chicks from a hatchery, only to have one of the little girls turn out to be a boy. The roosters were moved out of the city - problem solved. The other two calls were for noise or odor complaints that were investigated by Animal Control and turned out to be unfounded.

6 out of 14,314. Sounds like the hens are a HUGE problem for the city, doesn't it?

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