Saturday, November 14, 2009

Speaking at Front Range Organic Gardeners' Meeting

On Thursday, November 19th I'll be presenting at a meeting of the Front Range Organic Gardeners. I'll be speaking with Kipp Nash of Community Roots. Kipp is one of my big inspirations, and the granddaddy of the Colorado NSA movement. Here are the details - I hope to see you there!

Organic Gardeners has another interesting meeting in the works! Please visit if you'd like!

This Month, Thursday, November 19, 7 PM, Denver Presbytery Center, 1710 So. Grant St., Denver 80210:

Kipp Nash of Community Roots and Sundari Kraft of Heirloom Gardens will speak about Urban Gardening.

Contrary to common thought, agriculture is not exclusive to rural areas. In fact, using intensive growing techniques, commercial scale vegetable production is possible in urban contexts. Whether by using a single, large urban plot or by piecing together a collection of smaller plots, urban farmers can grow enough produce on under one acre to supply their close community with a great deal of food and themselves with a healthy income. Along with the development of small business and the availability of healthy, local produce, the community benefits through new vigorous interaction and cooperation. It is with these ideals in mind that these groups have been created.

There is a parking lot on the south side of the building (which is also where the entrance door is!). There is also usually plenty of parking on Grant St. and Mexico Ave. if the lot happens to be full.

We're meeting in our usual fellowship hall space.

Front Range Organic Gardeners (FROG) is Colorado's oldest garden club (since 1987) devoted to organic gardening. Our group of notice and seasoned gardeners welcomes visitors and new members to the monthly meetings. The meetings feature speakers on timely organic gardening topics, as well as demonstration, plant swaps, field trips and social gatherings.

Linda Tegtmeier
Front Range Organic Gardeners

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