Monday, December 14, 2009

Join Our Facebook Group to Support Chickens & Goats in Denver!

The keeping of food-producing animals is an important issue to me. While I love gardening and wish to see it spread to back yards, front yards, empty lots, and windowsills throughout the city, I know that vegetable nutrients are only part of the equation. Most of us consume some sort of animal protein, and locating healthy, ethically-raised, pastured, grass-fed (etc.) dairy and eggs is not only time-consuming but expensive.

Having chickens and dwarf goats in my backyard has enriched my life tremendously. I wish that everyone who wants to own food-producing animals be able to do so.

Unfortunately, Denver's current permitting process is extremely expensive and time-consuming. Worse, it allows just one neighbor (who may not even have a valid objection) to prevent you from receiving a permit.

There are many people who would like a small number of fowl and goats to become a "use by right," meaning you can own them without a permit (just like cats and dogs).

I've created a Facebook group called "Sustainable Food Denver"
devoted to advocating for the keeping of Food-Producing Animals in the city. To join the group, please click here.

By joining the group you will be demonstrating your support for this issue (we can point to the group as a way to show how many people are in favor of FPA in the city). You'll also receive updates on how the campaign is progressing and have an opportunity to be part of the "Action Team" for your council district.

To learn more about Sustainable Food Denver, please visit our website at Join the Facebook group today, and invite your friends!

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