Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our Weekly Goat Walk

One of our favorite day-off activities is to load the goats up in the car, grab some coffee, and head to the foothills. Since we live in NW Denver, it's a very short ride to some lovely trails. We're lucky that our day off is Monday, so often the trails aren't as crowded as they are on the weekends.

Loaded up in the car and ready to go! The goats always look a little forlorn as we climb out the car and go in to get coffee. Since the coffee place is located in a little strip mall with lots of other businesses, there's a fair bit of traffic. It's always fun to watch the double-take of someone who parks next to us, then realizes those are some "funny looking dogs" in our back seat!

Dasha is tied down in the back and can't reach that far, but she's still trying to smell my coffee. I think she looks like a cow in this picture.

On our walk. Goats are herd animals and are very happy to walk as part of a pack. Usually I lead, then the goats, then Brian and Lucy bring up the rear. We're only able to walk "herd style" in open areas where we have good line of sight and can make sure there aren't any dogs up ahead.

Snacking on a bit of dry grass.

Pausing for a picture break on some flat rocks. I think Dasha's trying to be our lookout.

Say "cheese!"

Everyone's all smiles.

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