Sunday, August 8, 2010

Approval for On-Site Selling in Seattle (and 8 chickens, too!)

Seattle is doing its part to lead the way in the urban homesteading movement. Their City Council committee just gave its approval to a new ordinance (we discussed its proposal a few weeks ago) designed to make urban homesteading easier.

Seattle is upping the number of chickens allowed as a use-by-right (no permit required!) from 3 up to 8 -- and they already allow 3 dwarf goats, as well. Another remarkable part of the ordinance is the allowance of on-site selling of produce. This means that if you grow food in your yard that you'd like to sell to friends and neighbors, you're allowed to do so on your property. This is something that is not currently allowed in Denver. Transition Denver is working to change our zoning rules to allow on-site selling.

The new Seattle ordinance is important because it helps create a model for other cities to follow. Thank you, Seattle!

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