Tuesday, August 24, 2010

USA Today: Lawns Are Out of Fashion

This article clearly and succinctly challenges the notion of lawn-by-default. What do lawns really cost us as a society -- in time, money, and precious natural resources?

Some examples of why I love this article... It compares lawn maintenance to "pushing a boulder up a hill" and makes statements like "The best approach is for all of us to start thinking of lawns as a fashion -- a fashion like wearing the feathers of rare birds in hats was once a fashion. Fashions can change when enough people decide they are ridiculous or wasteful... we should start treating the presence of a vast, green, cropped grass lawn in the middle of summer...as a weird and antisocial thing."

Thank you, Laura Vanderkam and USA Today. Click here to read the full article.

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US Recall News said...

The lawn is dead! Long live the garden, orchard and mulched play area!

I can't WAIT to get my trees in. I have this half-acre of green uselessness out back just begging for an orchard.

Thanks for the great link!