Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Waiting Patiently

Milking time is a big deal in our back yard. It's the favorite time of day for all of the animals. The goats love it, because they get their special goat grain while they're on the milking stand. The chickens love it, because they get to run around in the back garden and scratch for worms and bugs.

But, here's the catch about milking time -- it requires patience. Particularly if you're the younger, non-dominant goat. Herd management rules state that the alpha goat should always be milked first. So, that's how we do it at our house, but it does mean that our youngest goat (Peaberry) has to be soooo patient to wait for her turn on the milking stand. It's not easy!

Dasha (our alpha goat) enjoying her snack while she's getting milked.

Peaberry watching from a distance, at first...

Coming around the front of the stand to check out the grain.

"Is it my turn yet?"

"Are you almost done?"

Dasha's milking is finished, and Peaberry wants her to stop dilly-dallying.

"My turn!!"

"Ahhh... yummy goat treats."

(Many thanks to Brian Kraft Photography for the photos.)

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