Saturday, May 21, 2011

Eighth Graders Speak Out on Behalf of Urban Chickens

Two letters to the editor recently published by The Denver Post, in response to the story "Urban Chickens Scratch Up a Following Along the Front Range" (5/10/2011)

The new Denver ordinance proposed for keeping backyard chickens is not the first proposal in the state of Colorado. There seems to be a movement for urban backyard poultry. This is likely a product of our society’s trend to become more eco-friendly. There are many legitimate reasons to have backyard chickens, but I believe the most meaningful is that they are helping us get back to our roots.
Chickens have been food and pets in Colorado ever since Denver became a mining town. They have been banned over many years as our city has grown and modernized. Having chickens will bring us closer to the old ways of life, times where we couldn’t get everything with a click of a button. Not only will backyard chickens get us back to our roots, it is also a great learning experience for you and your family.
Liam DunnDenver
The writer is an eighth-grader.

Let me get this straight – Denver City Council is faced with a proposed ordinance allowing pet hens in the city with adequate but not arbitrary restrictions and a reasonable application process; there should be no questions, this is a definite yes for the council members. Currently you are required to get two separate approvals and pay a hefty fee each year. To add to that you are required to notify your neighbors and they can end all of your hard work by a simple no. The other side of the story; the current requirements for cats is pretty much nothing, the only cost is feed and litter boxes and there isn’t even an application process. The cats have no restriction from pooping in your garden; the only thing that can keep them in line is a strict owner. Council Members should accept that chickens should have regulations similar to cats and dogs.
Cormac DunnDenver
The writer is an eighth-grader.

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