Friday, May 13, 2011

Runoff: Susan Shepherd for Council District 1

After an initial election with several worthy candidates, we are now looking at a runoff for the City Council seat in District 1. I am abundantly pleased that Susan Shepherd is in the runoff, and I am proud to be supporting her.

I first met Susan at a little neighborhood Farmers' Market a couple of years ago. She came up to my table and chatted with me about her own small Neighborhood Supported Agriculture project. Susan was farming a large plot in her backyard, and distributing the food to a handful of neighborhood families. Susan has always been passionate about urban farming and sustainable food issues, especially as they relate to healthy food access and food justice. Susan is currently serving with me on the Sustainable Food Policy Council, and she will be a strong advocate for sustainability issues on City Council.

In addition to her "green" cred, Susan is dedicated to our neighborhood schools and local businesses. During her campaign Susan sends as much work as possible to local companies. She also asks her supporters to pledge to send their kids to local DPS schools (rather than opting for out-of-district options), and to commit to donating some time each year to volunteering in the schools.

Please vote for Susan Shepherd for City Council District 1!

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