Sunday, March 15, 2009


On Saturday thirteen Heirloom Gardens members came together to transform a front yard (and part of the back yard) into a tilled, fertilized garden! It was an incredible amount of work accomplished in an afternoon by a great team.

The front yard "before."

The back yard "before," with the newspaper and cardboard mulching.

Our compost and one of the oh-so-handy rototillers.

Shovel lineup.

The manure delivery!

Nathaneal and Kirk unloading.

A big 'ole pile!

Breaking ground on the front yard.

Kelly digging while Lucy observes.

Melanie and Kirk handling the rototiller.

Found treasure! A very old soda bottle...

And a butter knife! We used this knife during our seed transplanting on Sunday.

Loading the wheelbarrow.

Starting up the old rototiller. It gave us some trouble, but ended up working well (with lots of TLC from a couple of our members).

Tilling it up!

Planning with Everett.

Another day on the urban farm...

Hammering in the stakes.

Raking the beds.

Maia is making a discovery....

She found 4 worms!

Cleaning up after the Big Dig.

Loading up extra manure for our members to take home.

Finishing it up.

Spring onions that sprouted from last year's seeds.

Our staked beds - each is 4' x 6', with 2' paths.

At the end of a good day's work!

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Anonymous said...

Really fantastic team work on this big project. It was fun looking at all the pictures!