Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Urban Farmers Strike Again

The Heirloom Gardens team tackled our second yard on Sunday, March 15th. This is a larger space - almost 1300 square feet! Those that worked both Big Digs (Saturday and Sunday) agreed that this one went even smoother. We're getting better at this!

This is a "before" picture that was taken a few months ago. The yard didn't actually look quite this good when we started. The resident was having lots of problems with weeds coming up through the rock mulch, and the grass was thinner.

Everyone digging in!

Making progress - about halfway through the yard! We've already had people remove all of the gravel in wheelbarrows and wagons and pull up the weedblocking fabric.

We got another delivery of manure, which (along with compost) was rototilled into the soil.

Long shot of the prepared garden with 36 beds....

...and the crew that made it happen!

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