Saturday, March 28, 2009

Peaberry at Two Weeks

Peaberry turned 2 weeks old on March 21st. After our new member orientation and Big Dig at Mary's house (pics coming soon!) I drove up to Conifer to visit her. She's doing very well, and loves to romp and play with her brothers. Peaberry spent a lot of time cuddled under my jacket during my visit.

I discovered it's not easy to take pictures of active goat kids. Unless you're a professional, you'll end up with lots of photos of blurry goat fur. My resident professional photographer (aka husband) stayed home, so here are my best efforts!

The kids.

Little Peaberry.

Lilly Blue checking things out.

One of Peaberry's brothers. This boy has markings like his mom. All of the other kids are blonde like their dad.

Peaberry nursing from her mom, Sunny.

Trying to snuggle with the boys.

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