Monday, April 27, 2009

Snow Farmers

Last Saturday we had (yet another) lovely spring storm. We delayed our planned planting by a day, but we really needed to get the plants in on Sunday. Colorado weather presents a lot of challenges for those with planting "schedules," but our farmers are tough enough to plant right through the melting snow!

Morgan and Darin marking the spaces for the herb transplants.

Tom weeding. He pulled out all of the weeds he could see (many of them were still buried under the snow!).

Our version of automatic watering.

Tarragon plants going into the garden.

By the time we got over to Erin's garden, the snow had already melted! Our group planted the 43 garden beds (some with transplants, some with seeds) in just a couple of hours.

Tom and Chad working together on the lettuce bed.

Morgan and Darin marking the space for more herbs. They did such a good job with the herbs at Mary's house that they took on a few more herb beds at the second garden.

The lettuce transplants in their new home.

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