Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tackling the Big Garden

Our largest garden this year is at Mary's house. It is a 2400 square foot, south-facing yard. We can grow a lot of veggies here!

On Saturday, March 21st we spent about 3.5 hours transforming the space from a yard into a garden. We were lucky to have about 18 adult volunteers, plus lots of kids who jumped right in to help!

The yard "before."

We started at the front of the yard and worked our way back. We'll put an herb garden in front of the fence.

Tearin' it up.

One of our regular garden helpers.

Hazel is not intimidated by the big shovel. :)

Working our way back.

The kids are digging in!

Examining the worms.

Moving the grass out - it is headed for the compost pile.

Lucy is getting tired just watching everyone work! We got her some water ASAP.

We're getting there!

Nathaneal putting some extra "oomph" on the shovel.

Lucy has a lot of kids that like taking care of her.

Peeking over the backyard fence.

I was contacted by my 4th grade teacher, Judy Elliot. She read the article in the North Denver Tribune, and stopped by to watch the project in action.

The garden "after." We have 63 of our 4'x6' garden beds at this location.

We ran out of twine at the end of the project, so we had to pause while one of our Working Members ran to the store. A small group stayed behind to finish up!

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