Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weekend Digs

This weekend we completed our last 2 garden-creation projects. On Saturday we worked on the garden at Erin's house. At 1500 square feet, it's our second largest space --- and it's south-facing!

However, it has some challenging aspects. The garden space is on a hill. That is certainly not unique. People have been growing food on hills for as long as they've been growing food. One of the most famous gardens in modern history was started in 1966 by Alan Chadwick (the father of BioIntensive gardening) on a slope in Berkeley, CA. We discovered that the soil at Erin's garden is also very silt-y, which made it more difficult to create stable terraces.

The gardeners did a fantastic job carefully scultping out the beds and paths, doing everything possible to tamp down the soil.

Working on the hillside. Brenda is walking along the path to push the soil into place. Check out those great farming overalls!

Working the top bed.

The finished garden.

We had a crew of about 18 people that all worked to create the garden. This group stayed to put on the finishing touches.

On Sunday, we went a block away to create the garden at the Gates house.

The backyard "before."

We had some rain --- a light drizzle at first, and then a steady pour.

The guys finishing the sod removal.

Dorian with the big rototiller.

Keith took care of delivering the compost, one wheelbarrow at a time.

Finishing up by marking the beds. Everyone was getting pretty wet!
The finished garden.
The final crew - happy but wet!

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