Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Goat Walk!

Our goats have a nice pen to explore, but we wanted to take them on an adventure. So, I went to PetsMart to buy dog harnesses (which ended up being too big, so we'll have to trade them in) and took the goats on a little walk on a nearby trail. Lots of space, and plenty of weeds to munch!

Brian's being a trouper, handling both goats for the picture!

Early in the hike, before the weed-eating began.

Brian and Dasha on a stroll (forgive the finger in the picture - can you believe I'm married to a photographer?).

Peaberry discovering the weeds.

This is a typical Dasha photo. "Hey, what are you doing?"

Peaberry and her too-big harness.

Gazing at the view.

Wanting to cuddle, even on the hike!

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