Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Queen of the Roost (subtitle: "Uh Oh")

A few days ago I discovered Rosemary on top of our goat shed, which is oh... about 8 feet tall at the top. Meaning it's 2 feet higher than our backyard fence. Yippee.

Rosemary emerged in adolescence as our alpha-hen. She's a lovely blonde Araucana, and she's a little bigger and more inquisitive than the other chickens. Any visitor to her barnyard - whether it's a goat, a cat, or a chihuahua - is likely to be greeted with her curious stare and a nice firm peck on the nose. No incidents of child-pecking yet, thank goodness!

So far, even with Rosemary's adventures, there haven't been any incidents of the chickens escaping their barnyard. They seem to like to stick together. I can always clip their wing feathers (which is permanent) if rogue chickens become a problem, but I'd like to avoid it if possible. I like keeping my chickens' wings intact for the same reason I don't declaw my cats --- I want to leave them their natural defenses, just in case.

Oh, and even though Rosemary is big and tough, she still gets kisses and hugs just like her sisters. She can't escape it.

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