Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Dasha and I recently went on a visit to her birthplace in Conifer. Dasha was born at Bohica Acres, a little animal farm and goat breeding operation run by Diana and her family. The purpose of our visit was to breed Dasha to one of Diana's bucks. That was a fun adventure in itself, but the best part was when we let Dasha visit the other does.

Dasha's mother (Lena) and twin sister (Violet) still live at Bohica Acres. The doe pen had 12 does in it, but Dasha, Lena and Violet only had eyes for each other. Dasha hadn't seen her mother and sister since she came to live with me 8 months ago.

[You can click on each picture to view a larger size.]

Right before we left for Conifer. Doesn't Dasha look relaxed?

Lena (mom) immediately to the left of Dasha; Violet (sister) behind Lena.

Getting to know each other. Violet looks a little like she's winding up for a headbutt!

Dasha (with the collar) inherited her stubborn streak from her mother. Lena is the boss of all the girl goats, with Violet as her sidekick. Before Dasha left she was also one of the alpha girls.

Family snuggle.

And an update on the breeding...

Pirate is a very handsome boy with blue eyes, and actually looks quite sweet in person. He REALLY liked Dasha. During our first visit to the breeder's Dasha wasn't interested in him, but after we gave her a day to fully come into season she was willing to "hang out" with Pirate. If the breeding was successful, Dasha's baby(ies) should be due on April 8th!