Thursday, January 14, 2010

Before the First Cooking Class

Our first Heirloom Gardens cooking class was a wonderful experience, thanks in large part to the fantastic co-chefs who participated.

I'm sure that, as we move forward, the class prep will become more routine for me. This first time, though, had all the excitement that comes with launching a new project.

(Thanks to my husband for snapping the lovely pictures.)

Late afternoon sun.

The work stations.

Of course we have to coordinate the tasting spoons and the water glasses!

Aprons and dish towels - very important.

My lovely new cheese plate (a gift from Mom) alongside the rolling pins we used for the apple dumplings.

Apples, butternut squash, onion and bell pepper - just waiting to turn into dumplings and soup!

Our dinner table - a little tight, but everyone was a good sport! We'll use a bigger table for subsequent classes so we have plenty of room to stretch out while we enjoy the food.

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