Saturday, February 6, 2010

Photos: Cooking Classes

Our first month of cooking classes has been a tremendous amount of fun! My co-chefs and I worked together to prepare some really lovely meals.

The photos below are from one of our January Simple Indian cooking classes. Over the next two months we'll be offering the Indian class again, along with Seasonal Soups and Breads and Simple from Scratch. Please contact Heirloom Gardens if you have any questions about the cooking classes or would like to attend!

My thanks to Brian for taking the pictures, and to Camille, Jenn, Derec, and Dave for allowing him to photograph during class.

Adding fresh lemon juice to the milk to make paneer.

Mincing the ginger.

You know what they say about a watched pot...

Onions for the veggie curry.

Starting the dal...

...with winter squash.

Toasting the cumin and coriander seeds for the dal.

Chopping the anaheim (with lots of help from the on-lookers).

Dal spices.

Crushing the toasted seeds.

Slicing the paneer (homemade cheese).

Sauteing the paneer.

Coconut curry roasted vegetables.

Naan bread with fennel seed.

Saag (spicy creamed spinach) with homemade paneer.

Our feast - dal, naan, saag paneer and curry vegetables (with rice pudding for dessert).

Enjoying the fruits of our labor!

Food and friends...

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