Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photos: Backyard Chicken Keeping Class

We had our first joint Heirloom Gardens/Denver Botanic Gardens backyard chicken keeping class a couple of weeks ago, attended by a wonderful group of future hen-raisers. Some of the class was spent inside with a presentation that included discussions on choosing the right chicken, chick care, adult hen management, predators/disease, coops, egg info, and lots more.

We did get to take a couple of "chicken breaks" where we went outside for some hands-on time with the chickens and a chance to inspect their coop and laying nests.

Thyme is the easiest to catch, and therefore takes part in lots of chicken demos.

Peaberry stopping by to say "hi."

The fancy "two chicken" hold! Perfected while trying to wrangle chickens into their coop during a snowstorm...

Checking out the coop. Dasha and Peaberry can't quite figure what all the fuss is about.

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