Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hiking with the Herd

We have to breed our Nigerian Dwarf goats periodically to keep them in milk, and Peaberry (the blonde goat) gave birth back in August. Her kids were adopted by Jamie and Lance, and lovely couple who -- as luck would have it -- live in our neighborhood.

We like to take our two goats (Peaberry and Dasha) on hikes fairly regularly. Elk Meadows in Evergreen is one of our favorite places, because of the infrequency of off-leash dogs and the wide open spaces to spot any dogs that may be around. The goats all have leashes to go with their harnesses, but they actually behave much better without the leashes. Their herd mentality kicks in, and they follow allow wonderfully (instead of pulling on their leashes, as stubborn goats are liable to do).

We had our first opportunity for a group outing a couple of weeks ago, and were delighted to discover that four goats together behave even better than two. Everyone had a wonderful time, and Brian was able to snap a few photos. He put them together in a slideshow -- click here to view the photos from our goat hike. The slideshow takes about 4 minutes, and is accompanied by some lovely music.

Jamie and Lance with Willow (left) and Kosi.

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