Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And MORE Green Tomato Recipes!

The recipes keep pouring in from our CSA & working members. I guess I can understand... I did ask them to take upwards of 20 pounds of green tomatoes home with them at their last CSA pickup!

Brenda sent in this recipe for Poblano Pepper and Green Tomato Chili. She made it with a jalepeno and one of our spicy garden peppers. Brenda also mentioned that the recipe doesn't say when to add the green tomatoes. Brenda put them in at the end during the final cooking.

Morgan sent in a couple of recipes. The first is for Cool 'n' Spicy Green Tomato Soup with Crab and Country Ham. The second is for a dish I've heard talked about many times, but have never tried myself - and I think that this is the year to give it a go! Green Tomato Pie. One tip: Morgan said that the recipe was really tasty (she would have sworn it was apple pie if she hadn't known) but it was really liquidy. She would recommend draining most of the liquid out of the pie mixture before adding it to the crust.

Happy cooking!

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