Thursday, October 29, 2009

Down on the Farm

This year my dad got me the best birthday present ever. He had listened over the last few months while I coveted the decorative windmills that people sometimes have in their yards. They just looked so "farm-y," and I really wanted one!

So, when my birthday arrived, my dad brought me a box containing the parts for a beautiful 8-foot windmill. He delivered the gift while visiting in late August. Of course, when he came back to town in late September, I still hadn't had time to put it together.

My dad - always one to come up with clever solutions - had a plan. He was going to hang out with me at the Farmer's Market, which would basically be 4 hours of sitting around. So, we brought the box, and my dad assembled the windmill at the market. Once it was done, it looked so great that we had to put it in front of the stand:

After the market we strapped the windmill to the top of my car to transport it home, where it happily resides in the corner of my back garden. I love seeing it turning in the breeze. Our own little mini-farm here in Denver!

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Patrick said...

Somebody has to comment, so I will. Good job, Dad!