Saturday, October 31, 2009

Snow Angels

Our recent snowstorm completely blanketed the barnyard, relegating the animals to their shed for the better part of 3 days (the chickens slept in their little coop with a lightbulb at night). The animals weren't unhappy, but the snow was definitely something new for them!

The first day of the storm.

Peeking out.

Before breaking the first path for morning chores.

From inside the cozy shed.

Dasha and the hens.

"Hmm... should we go out?"

Dasha re-breaking the path after new snow.

Wondering if Peaberry is going to come...

Yep, she did it!

"Um, Mom, can you pick me up?"

"That's much better!"

After the snow stopped, Cinnamon and Peaberry went on a little adventure.

They kept getting stalled on the single path, so I made them a loop through the barnyard.

Cardamom checking out what Cinnamon is up to.

Looking regal, even in the snow.