Friday, June 11, 2010

Food for Thought

Article in the Denver Post that features some of our fantastic local organizations -- like Feed Denver, Revision International, and the GrowHaus -- and talks about what they're doing to bring healthy food into food deserts.  Urban Gardens Germinate Seeds of Better Health in Denver by Karen Auge.

A great article about the work DUG is doing in Grist. Denver Busts Urban Farming's Yuppie Stereotype by the  Breaking Through Concrete Team. (honestly, I think I have far too much dirt under my fingernails to qualify as a yuppie!)

My dad lives is Kansas City, and he passed this along to me. The City Council is considering an ordinance that would allow city gardeners to sell their homegrown produce at their properties. The Grow Local folks are working to get a similar ordinance passed here it Denver. It would be a tremendous step toward increasing the availability of local food, and promoting a sustainable food system. Read the editorial in the Kansas City Star: Kansas City Council Should Give Residential Gardens a Green Thumbs Up.

The truth about what happens to any eggs (even organic, "free range" eggs) when they're processed through a large system, and why it's better to buy directly from a small farmer. Why You Don't Want to Buy Organic Eggs at the Grocery Store on

The U.S. House of Representatives has just introduced a new school lunch bill, and Colorado schools are staying ahead of the curve by working to bring from-scratch cooking (instead of just opening cans and reheating frozen foods) into our school kitchens. Colorado's K-12 Meals Get a Made-From-Scratch Makeover by Karen Auge for the Denver Post.

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