Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rappin' to "I Want a Goat"

So, apparently there's a classic hip-hop spoof called "I'm on a Boat." I've never seen it, but it's the basis for this spinoff, "I Want a Goat."

The video was created by a woman named Debbie, who spent 6 months in some of the poorest villages in India. Debbie saw how a goat could literally change the life of a family -- or a whole village. Debbie is working to establish "goateries" in these villages with great success.

One big caution... this video carries a "Parental Advisory." Elephant Journal called it "explicit lyrics for a good cause." It's a hip-hop spoof, so there's plenty of use of the m----- f------ phrase. Not suitable for kids.

But, if you adults aren't offended by the profanity, it's a good video -- and a great cause.

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