Tuesday, August 25, 2009

$300 a Night? Yes, but Haying's Free

This is terrific... farm vacations are apparently all the rage. You can even upgrade and add a vegetable picking session for an extra $35!

Click here for the story (by Kim Severson for the NY Times).


Everett said...

I think those prices are crazy, but the idea of a farm vacation isn't. In fact, I've been collection farm vacation websites for awhile at http://www.backtotheearth.com as part of our research for when we FINALLY open our farmstay in virginia: http://www.blueridgefarmstay.com .

We don't want to charge as much as those places charge. It's just the idea that families from the city can bring their kids to the farm to pet the animals and play in nature while they themselves can escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

It used to be that everyone had a family farm, usually owned by the grandparents. That's not so anymore and I think people really miss being able to go "out to the farm" for a few weeks every year. We'd like to give that back.

Sundari said...

I agree - I think farm vacations are a wonderful idea. I'm so thrilled that people want to spend time relaxing (and working) on farms!