Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Herbs: Freezing & Butters

The gardens have been producing an abundance of fresh oregano, tarragon, savory, parsley, and sage. While we all enjoy fresh herbs in the summer, it can also be nice to save some for future use in the kitchen.

Freezing Herbs
Rinse herbs and remove any tough or brown stems. Place herbs in a food processor and puree. You probably won't have to add water, but can add a teaspoon or so if it's needed to help the mixture blend.

Spoon the pureed herbs into an ice cube tray. Cover the top of the tray with plastic wrap and freeze.

You can pop the herbs out a cube at a time for winter soups or sauces.

Herb Butters
Some of our gardners have been making herb butter by simply mixing finely chopped herbs with softened butter. The butter can be used immediately, or it can also be frozen.

If you'd like a more detailed recipe, just click here.

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