Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Egg Day!

Today I went into the barnyard to let the chickens into their run for lunch. Six of them went in quickly, but I couldn't find Cayenne (our White Leghorn) anywhere. After searching for a while, I finally found her tucked into a corner of the shed, nestled on a pile of straw.

I took a step toward her to herd her into the run, and she started squawking at me. Really loudly, and persistently. I left her alone, just hoping that she wasn't injured. After a minute she hopped off the straw. I ran over, and guess what I found?!?

TWO eggs actually, which means that Cayenne started laying yesterday. We know they're both from her, because she's the only one of our chickens who will lay white eggs.

I scooped her up, and she let me hold her for a while (which is unusual).

We're so proud!

I would be tired, too!

Here are the eggs in the straw stack. I hadn't put official nests in for the chickens yet, because they're not due to lay for a little while. I guess Cayenne is just advanced for her age!

Our lovely eggs. (and yes, that's chicken poop on the eggshell)

All cleaned up and ready for their closeup.

Just 2 inches across right now, but the eggs will get bigger as the chickens continue to grow.

Delicious fried egg.

The yolks are a beautiful red/orange, from the beta-carotene in all of the weeds the chickens eat.

Our little chicken, just 19 weeks ago...

Way to go, Cayenne!!


Melanie said...

love the fried egg picture :)

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