Thursday, June 9, 2011

City Council Public Hearing & Final Vote on FPA Ordinance

City Council Public Hearing and Final Vote
Monday, June 13th
Meeting starts at 5:30; public hearing begins after initial Council business is over
City & County Building (14th & Bannock)
Room 451

This is it! After two years of community members asking for changes to our existing rules regarding the keeping of backyard Food Producing Animals (hen chickens, ducks, and dwarf dairy goats), Denver's City Council will be holding its public hearing and final vote on a new proposed ordinance. If you're not familiar with the proposed ordinance, click here to read an outline.

If the proposed FPA ordinance passes, it will be a wonderful thing for our city. It will remove the current confusing, expensive, and unnecessarily bureaucratic process, and replace it with something that makes much more sense. The proposed ordinance contains protections for the animals and for neighbors, while allowing individuals to keep small numbers of FPAs in their backyards for healthy, affordable, sustainable food production.

Please set aside time to attend the public hearing. It is very important to show City Council how much support there is in the community for this issue. A few details:

Parking: There is street parking with meters (though you only have to pay for your spot through 6pm) and paid parking lots. Finding parking can be a bit of a challenge, and you may have to walk a few blocks. There is a Light Rail station at 16th & Stout, about 8 blocks from the City & County building

Entering and security: If you arrive after 5:00, the only open entrance is the one in the northeast part of the building (facing Civic Center Park). You will need to allow time to go through security.

Staying for the duration: If at all possible, we need everyone to stay until the public testimony has finished. There will be an opportunity for everyone in the room who supports the ordinance to stand, so your presence will be noted by City Council. We're not sure how long the hearing will take (we may be there until 7:30-8:30). You may want to bring a book and a snack.

We'll see you on Monday night! Thank you for your support of sustainable food in our city.

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FoodWired said...

I'm so sorry I missed it! How'd it turn out? I'm waiting with baited breath!

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