Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last Night's Public Hearing, and the Upcoming FPA Vote

I want to say a big, big thank you to everyone who showed up for last night's public hearing. Though it was looong (and hot in that room!) I found the whole thing very inspiring. How wonderful to hear so, so many people speak passionately on behalf of self-sufficiency, ethical animal care, and creating a sustainable urban food system.

Sustainable Food Denver coordinated 25 citizens to speak on behalf of the ordinance (go, team!). There were additional citizens that stepped forward to speak in favor of the ordinance, as well as fantastic representatives from Grow Local Colorado, Slow Food Denver, and the Colorado Director of the Humane Society of the United States. District 1 Councilwoman-Elect Susan Shepherd spoke in favor of the ordinance, and we also had speakers read letters from Denver Urban Gardens and a local goat veterinarian. Capitol Hill United Neighbors, West Washington Park Neighborhood Association, and the College View Neighborhood Association sent representatives to convey their organization's support for the FPA ordinance (Stapleton United Neighbors and La Alma/Lincoln Park RNOs sent letters in support of the ordinance).

All in all, the final count was 49 speakers in favor of the ordinance, and 4 opposed. It was an overwhelming show of support for an improved, sensible Food Producing Animals ordinance for Denver.

City Council technically has 13 seats, and it takes an "absolute majority" -- or 7 votes -- to pass anything. City Council currently has 2 vacant seats (Councilwoman Madison passed away, and Councilwoman Sandoval stepped down), and last night 3 additional councilmembers were gone. So, with only 8 councilmembers present, the Council President made the decision that it was more sensible to delay the vote for a week, when all remaining 11 councilmembers would be present.

The final vote on the FPA ordinance will be held:

Monday, June 20th
meeting starts at 5:30 (not sure yet where the vote falls within the agenda)
City & County Building, room 451

I don't believe there will be an opportunity for further public comment at the meeting on the 20th -- the councilmembers will simply be discussing the issue among themselves, then voting. However, the meeting is open to the public, so anyone who's interested is welcome to attend and be present for the result of the vote!


molly said...

We are keeping our fingers crossed!!
~Molly & Robin

Sheri said...

This is a reasonable public move. I hope you succeed.--Sheri