Thursday, June 16, 2011

Video: Watch Monday's FPA Public Hearing

This is really worth a look, if only for a few minutes. Check out the packed room -- citizens who showed up to participate, to speak (or just support with their presence) a cause they believe in.

If you'd like to watch the wonderful, incredible, inspiring testimony from the people who spoke at Monday night's public hearing in favor of the FPA ordinance, click on the link below. The city staff presentation about the nuts and bolts of the ordinance begins at around 1:36, and the public testimony starts at 2:01. The council secretary tried to alternate speakers who were pro and con, so most of the anti-FPA people are in the beginning. However, since the final tally was 49 speakers in favor and 4 opposed, the testimony soon becomes consistently pro-FPA.

Also, I wanted to share a photo of Monday night's youngest presenter. He is seven years old. He was one of the last people to speak, which means he waited patiently about 4 hours for his turn to talk. His family owns chickens and dwarf goats, and he talked to City Council about how he likes having goats because they eat the weeds (so he doesn't have to pull them) and he likes to drink their milk. Photo is shared with permission from his mother.

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