Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The LAST Action Alert -- Let's Make it Count!

The City Council public hearing and final vote on the Food Producing Animals ordinance is this Monday, June 13th at 5:30 in the City & County building (click here for more details). We need everyone at the hearing -- a strong show of support will be very important. 

But, in the meantime, we need to do one last action alert to really make a statement to City Council about the ordinance before the hearing. I can't overstate how helpful the input from all of you has been in getting the ordinance as far as it's come. We need to take that last step to get us there!

This one is a two-fer -- both parts are important. And both are quick! You can make a real difference with just a 2 minute email and a 2 minute phone call.

Action Alert -- Part 1

As always, please feel free to craft your own email from scratch, modify the sample email below. or use the sample email in its entirety.

Please copy and paste the following text (including commas) for the "To" field of your email:

jeanne.faatz@denvergov.org, paul.lopez@denvergov.org, peggy.lehmann@denvergov.org, marcia.johnson@denvergov.org, charlie.brown@denvergov.org, chris.nevitt@denvergov.org, judy.montero@denvergov.org, jeanne.robb@denvergov.org, michael.hancock@denvergov.org, linkhartatlarge@denvergov.org, boigon.atlarge@denvergov.org, carol.boigon@denvergov.org, sustainablefooddenver@gmail.com

Subject line: Please vote for the FPA ordinance

Dear Members of City Council,

I am a resident of Denver, living in the _____ neighborhood. On Monday you will be asked to vote on a new Food Producing Animals ordinance for Denver. This ordinance has the support of Community Planning & Development and the Department of Environmental Health (including Animal Control). It passed unanimously through Planning Board, and was supported by the Mayor's Sustainable Food Policy Council.

The FPA ordinance represents a reasonable compromise that addresses the interests and concerns of a variety of different groups. It contains numerous protections for neighbors and neighborhood context, above and beyond what exists in successful FPA ordinances in other cities. It contains numerous protections and considerations for the welfare and keeping of the animals, above and beyond what exists in successful FPA ordinances in other cities (and, incidentally, above and beyond what we require for other animals that are kept in the city).

This is a well written, balanced compromise that remedies the unreasonably burdensome current process for legally owning backyard Food Producing Animals. I ask you to vote in favor of the FPA ordinance on Monday night.

(your name)
Action Alert -- Part 2

Councilwoman Carol Boigon is an At-Large councilmember, which means that she represents every resident of Denver. She is currently undecided about the FPA ordinance, and we would very much like her to vote in favor of it.

I would like everyone to take 1-2 minutes to place a quick phone call to Councilwoman Boigon's office. You should certainly ask to speak with her, but my guess is that she will be unavailable. However, you should leave a message with her aides. Leaving a message is a concrete way to register your "vote" in favor of the ordinance.

Call Councilwoman Boigon's office at (720) 865-8100 now. Explain to her aides (or the voicemail) that you are a Denver resident, and you would like her to vote in favor of the Food Producing Animals ordinance on Monday night. You don't need to have lots of specific talking points as to why you want her to vote in favor -- just tell her whatever your reason(s) might be.

Thank you!

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