Monday, June 20, 2011

Info on City Council Final Vote Tonight

Tonight the Denver City Council is scheduled to vote on the proposed Food Producing Animals ordinance. We had a fantastic turnout at the public hearing last Monday, and I'm hopeful that all of the wonderful testimony will have an impact on tonight's decision.

There are a few options for viewing tonight's vote:

1. If you have cable, you can watch the meeting live on Channel 8.
2. You can stream the meeting live through your computer at the City Council website.
3. You can come down and watch the meeting in person. It will held in the same place as the public hearing: City & Building (14th & Bannock), room 451.

My understanding is that there will be no opportunity for the public to speak during tonight's vote. The City Council meeting starts (as usual) at 5:30. According to the City Council secretary, the only way to be assured of seeing any particular vote is to come at the start of the meeting, since the format can be a little unpredictable. However, when I look at what's on the agenda before the vote, it seems to be that it's unlikely the FPA ordinance will come up before 6:30 (but, again, there's no guarantee).

We've all done great work together to get the ordinance to this point. We've done everything we can, and now we just need to hope/trust that City Council will make the sensible decision and pass the ordinance!

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