Friday, June 17, 2011

Half off Heirloom Seedling Sale this Saturday -- June 18th!

Our gardens are all planted, and we need to find homes for our remaining garden seedlings. Everything was grown by us. They are heirloom, non-GMO varieties, and organic. Seedlings have been hardened off for a while now and growing on a patio in full sun -- they're tough little buggers!

Saturday, June 18th
Highland Farmers Market in NW Denver
16th & Boulder Street (in front of Lola)
look for the Heirloom Gardens tent, with the green banners!

We are offering tomatoes, winter squash, eggplants, and cucumbers. Click on the link for each variety to see a photo and description.

Tomatoes = now $2.75 (4.5 inch pots)
Squash, Eggplants = now $2 (4.5 inch pots)
Pickling Cucumbers = now $1.50 (2.5 inch pots)

Pink Accordian
Plum Lemon
Snow White
Mortgage Lifter
Pink Oxheart
Fox Cherry
Pink Henderson
Cherokee Purple

Winter Squash:
Pink Banana
Connecticut Pumpkin

Listada de Gandia
Ping Tung

Boston Pickling


Sara said...

Will you be selling seedlings again? I missed Saturday's farmers market.

Sundari Kraft said...

Sara -- Yes! We'll be selling seedlings for one more week, at this upcoming Saturday's farmers market (June 11th).

KelBel said...

Hello. Do you have any last seedlings to sell. I missed both farmers markets.

Sundari Kraft said...

We will have seedlings at the market this Saturday.

Decorina said...

I have several of Sundari's seedlings - they are head and shoulders above any other seedlings. Highly recommend these tough little plants; you can't lose, they are the best.

Sundari Kraft said...

Thanks -- glad to hear your plants are doing so well!

Meghan said...

If you can't make it to the market is there another place where we can come and purchase the plants?

Sundari Kraft said...

Meghan -- If you send me an email after Saturday, I'll let you know what's left and where you can come by and get them.